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The Special Reserve of Ambatovaky is located on the East coast. It is the biggest Special Reserve of Madagascar and the largest forest of low altitude, after the National Park of Masoala. GPS: 15°36 and 16°54 South latitude and 49°00 and 49°25 East longitude.

The Special Reserve of Ambatovaky is at the heart of the Region of Analanjirofo in the District of Soanierana Ivongo. It spreads on 60 050 ha, between the rivers of Marimbona in the South and Simianona in the North. You can join the reserve by car from the city of Toamasina through the city of Fenerive Est. The Reserve welcome is in Soanierana Ivongo, the city after Fenerive Est. The journey on road risks to take a whole week. A whole expedition!


Horizon Tour of a found paradise

This island of the ocean Indian is a building of the nature. Here, exoticism meets the exceptional : an alliance measured out between an impressive biodiversity and an unique beauty. This island is a haven for the plants and rare animals, endemic but also in decline : orchids, baobabs, amphibian, lemurs… It is also in the heart of these lands that the nature chose to erect some of its most beautiful successes : the tropical forests, the seas of emerald broadsided of golden beaches, the tsingy and other majestic landscapes. This Island is your destination. Read...

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