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News of Zombitse Vohibasia protected area
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Zombitse Vohibasia
The complex Zombitse Vohibasia is in the Southwest. Zombitse Vohibasia is renowned for its wealth of rare bird species and its unique biodiversity. GPS: 22°45 and 22°49 of South Latitude and 44°37 and 44°45 of East Longitude.

The complex forest Zombitse Vohibasia is composed of the forest of Zombitse and the biological sites of interest of Vohibasia and Isoky. It is a protected area of 36,308 ha split in three parcels. The Zombitse : 16,845 ha, the Vohimena Isoky : 3,293 ha, and Vohibasia : 16,170 ha.

The fauna

Zombitse Vohibasia shelters 47% of the endemic birds of Madagascar and a local endemic species: the the Appert’s Greenbul Bernieria. It also counts 8 species of lemurs of which some are almost threatened as the case of the Phaner furcifer pallescens.

The best fauna of the Zombitse Vohibasia

1. Berneria appertii or Ritrik'ala. species is local endemic bird at Zombitse Vohibasia and is found through the Ritikala circuit at all times.

2. Propithecus verreauxi. The Verreaux’s Sifaka. This species of lemur is very sought-after by the tourists. We can see it in the Ritikala circuits, Lobo, Mandresy.

3. Phelsuma standigui. This gecko is a local endemic species. We can find it at the entry of the park, at all times.

The flora

The best of the Zombitse Vohibasia

1. Ficus sp. It is a strangling creeper that is seen in all circuits.
2. Protorhus abrahamia or Tsitake. It is a wood used for the confection of coffin we can see it in the Lobo circuit.

3. Among the epiphytes, we can see the orchids that bloom along the Velomihanto circuit.

Travel shrewd...

For a comfortable stay, wear light clothes and don't forget your mosquito repellent cream and your camping equipment. It is necessary to get a suplly in mineral water and in food. The nearest center of health is in Sakaraha. The city of Sakaraha is covered by Orange and Zain telephone network ; in addition the park office has a BLU.

The history of the park

Zombitse Vohibasia was erected as National Park in 1997.Madagascar National Parks manages the Parks since September 28, 2002. The park is by excellence an area of research, where the scientific works meet interesting results. The Baras live in Zombitse Vohibasia. They live in farming.  Many migrants from South cultivating corn settled around the park.

The rivers that cross the park Zombitse Vohibasia are a reservoir for the surrounding rice fields throught the affluents of the river Taheza and Fiherenana. It is generally hot and dry in the region, with an average temperature of 23 to 24°C and 721 to 833 mm of rain for a year.

The microprojects of Zombitse Vohibasia
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The Zombitse Vohibasia National Park is located in the Southwest of Madagascar, 147 km at the north-east of Toliara in the Region Atsimo Andrefana.


By Road :

Antananarivo - Zombitse Vohibasia while taking the National Road N° 7. It is an asphalted road in excellent condition. 
From Antananarivo: distance of 841 km which take 17 hours of road.
From Fianarantsoa: 360 km.
From Toliary : 147 km that take 3 hours drive.

By Taxi-brousse :

Bus Station:
From Antananarivo: Fasan'ny karana, on the Dam road, every day.
From Toliary: road station, every day.
By Plane :

The Air Madagascar airline company provides a regular flight to Toliary. The transfer to the park is done by car.


Four circuits make the tour of Zombitse Vohibasia.

Circuit name Specifications Tariffs
The Mandresy circuit Duration : 140mn
Distance : 2,5 Km

Meet birds and lemurs. Crossing the forest of baobabs
Guidance :
Ar 3,000 / group of 6 pers.

Carriers :
Ar 5,000 / day.



Circuit name Specifications Tariffs
The Lobo circuit Duration : 90mn
Distance : 1,5 Km

Meet lemurs and birds. Discover the orchids and wild plants.
Guidance :
Ar 3,000 / group of 6 pers.

Carriers :
Ar 5,000 / day.


Circuit name Specifications Tariffs
The Ritikala circuit Duration : 65mn
Distance : 5Km

Meeting of endemic birds, discovery of orchids.
Guidance :
Ar 3,000 / group of 6 pers

Carriers :
Ar 5,000 / day


Circuit name Specifications Tariffs
The Velomihanto circuit Duration : 50mn
Distance : 5Km

Discovery of species of orchids.
Guidance :
Ar 3,000 / group of 6 pers

Carriers :
Ar 5,000 / day

Carte des circuits ecotouristiques du Parc National Zombitse Vohibasia

Carte des circuits ecotouristiques du Parc National Zombitse Vohibasia

The welcome office of Zombitse Vohibasia National Park is located in Sakaraha You can get all information there to plan your stay.. A French-speaking and English-speaking guide works in the park.  
There is an available camping area for all circuits in Ambakitany (Andranomaitso). It is sheltered by a grove of trees. 
Ambakitany: 9 tents for 18 people.
Tariff: Ar 3,000 / night.
Hotels of medium comfort are established in Sakaraha, the nearest city. You can lodge at the inhabitant's, but in very simple conditions.

Contacts :

Direction Inter-Régionale de Madagascar National Parks Toliary
Rue LEDA Albert – BP 400
601 Tuléar

Tél : + (261 20) 94 435 70
Fax : + (261 20) 94 430 32

Email :

At 35 km north of Sakaraha, visit the impressive mine of sapphires and precious stones of the region.

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