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News of Midongy Befotaka protected area
News are ongoing...

Midongy Befotaka
The national park of Midongy Befotaka is in the Southeast. It is a park particularly rich in endemic medicinal plants. GPS: 23° 16’ South - 23° 50’ South and 46°44'’East - 47°10 East

Midongy Befotaka spreads on 192,198 hectares, between 689 m and 1679 m of altitude. Its summit is the Papango mount. It is a very damaged region with mountains to stiff slopes that contributed to its present conservation a lot.

The fauna

Birds, reptilian, lemurs lives in the park that has an excellent rate of endimicity.

The best of the fauna of Midongy Befotaka

The Arongo or Katsatsaka; Uroplatus fimbriatus. It is a  rare gecko and endemic

1. Madagascar, characteristic of the humid dense forest of the East.  

2. The fosa, Cryptoprocta ferox. It is a vulnerable mammal of the humid dense forest 

3. Tthe Tanalahy or Tarondro, Chamaeleonidae Furicifer verrucossus, an endemic reptile.

4. The Toloho or Centropus toulou. Endemic bird

The flora

The forest of Midongy Befotaka is populated with ebony and palissander, the ferns that have 48 species and the medicinal plants. The Park shelters 14 threatened species and is kept  in the list of the Internationale union of the Conservation of the Nature (UICN)

The best flora of the Midongy Befotaka

1. Mystroxylon aethiopicum, of the family of the Celastracaeaes. The leaves of this endemic plant are used to take care of the injuries.

2. Medinilla sp, endemic plant of which the sap used against the cough.  

3. The Ranavao or Dilobeia thouarsi. Other time, the seeds of this plants are used for the  extraction of hair dressing oil.  

4. Aeranthes caudata, of the family of the Orchidaceaes. An endemic orchid, protected by that of Annex II

5. Bulbophyllum vestitum of the family of the Orchidaceaes, endemic and protected by that of Annex II

Travel shrewd...

In Midongy Befotaka, a raincoat is always necessary for oneself : it rains the whole time! Have some walking shoes to staples, a powerful pocket-size lamp for the nocturnal move and a kit of first cares The bloodsuckers are not dangerous. Put a little salt or  tobacco is enough to remove them. Careful, don't forget the anti-malaria medecine.  

The packs of mineral water or a bottle of mineral water is indispensable. You can take the food of which you will  need during your stay. Nevertheless, the local products as rice, chicken, dry lvegetables and potatoes can be bought there.  
Some restaurants can also prepare you  cold meals but it is preferable to order them early.  
The nearest banks are in Midongy, in Farafangana and Vangaindrano. There is a hospital in Midongy. The telephon network of Telma covers the region.

The history of the park

The Park National of Midongy Befotaka is part of the big forest share, classified since 1953 by c the forest administration. In 1997, Befotaka Midongy became the 9th National Park of Madagascar. The Baras and the Antaisakas live in harmony in this region. Some are breeder, the other agriculturists. Several rivers and streams flow to Midongy Befotaka. The most important is the Itomampy that takes its source from the South in the Anosyennes chains and crossing the region from the South to the North, passing through Befotaka and the central passageway of Midongy of the South toward Lavaraty. There is a climate of mountain, cool and humid, there: There is no dry season in Midongy Befotaka! The average temperature is of 18°C.

The microprojects of Midongy Befotaka
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Midongy Befotaka is about 90 km from Vangaindrano in the Atsimo Atsinanana region. It is a laborious journey that asks for avery strong vehicle.


Antananarivo - Midongy Befotaka: 872 km in 3 days, on average. The road is more or less practicable between June and December.

On Road :

- Take the National tarred road N°7 that join Antananarivo - Ambohimahasoa  that's 355 km. Turn to Ambohimasoa, toward the National road 25 to rally Irondro on 133 Km, of road of which 28km not tarred.
- Irondro, take the National road 12A that cross Ranomafana, Manakara, Vohipeno Farafangana, Vangain-drano 290 km of which 100 km in bad state   
- For Vangaindrano-Midongy du Sud, take the National road T18, on 94 km, in very bad state. Then Midongy of the South-Befotaka on 42 km, in very bad state.

By Taxi- brousse :

Antananarivo – Vangaindrano
- Bus Station : Gare routière « Fasan’ny Karana », route digue,  everyday

Fianarantsoa - Vangaindrano :
- Bus Station : Gare routière Fianarantsoa, Everyday
Vangaindrano – Midongy : Unfortunately, there is not a taxi-brousse… Wake up the adventurer who sleeps in you cause you've got to do a hitch hike.

The welcome office  of Madagascar National Parks is in Midongy. The tourist circuits is being under management, the park doesn’t have any guides yet . Midongy doesn't have any infrastructure of welcome yet, also it is preferable to carry away your own materials of camping. 
In the surroundings of the park, you can lodge at the inhabitant's but in a very modest conditions. There are also hotels of medium range.

Contacts :

Direction Inter-Régionale de Madagascar National Parks à Fianarantsoa
BP 1363 Antsorokavo, près du temple Jesosy Mamonjy

Tél : + (261 20) 75 512 74

Parc National Midongy du Sud - Befotaka :

Email :
Tél. : + (261 32) 42 096 08 (Directeur Parc)
         + (261 33) 12 698 06 (Directeur Parc)

Outside of the park, there are several sites to discover as the hill of Midongy, the underground cave of Kotavo (Befotaka), the intrusion quartzitique of Vohibe (Ampasy), the thermal source of Telorano, the area of observation of the lemurs (Ampasy) the site of birdwatching in Befotaka.  For the landscapes of post card, let's meet at the natural swimming pool, the belvedere of Andranolaly and the picturesque  waterfall and cascades of Midongy. 

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